Coffee Makers by Braun

What could be more perfect than a cup of coffee in the morning? Coffee lovers would want to wake up and spend the morning with their best buddy- the coffee maker. You don’t have to go to cafes or restaurants just to have a quick shot of caffeine. You can have it right in your kitchen courtesy of your coffee maker. Coffee makers come in different brands, designs, features, and capacity. The many brands of coffee makers available in the market include Braun Coffee Maker and it is one of the distinguished.

Braun coffee makers also have different designs and features. For instance, Braun Impression Design Collection, this stylish Braun coffee maker KF 600, is designed for ultimate coffee enjoyment- delivering up to 10 cups of hot, fully extracted and aromatic coffee. It has exclusive Brita water filter which further enhance the flavor by reducing chlorine or iron taste, but also prevents calcification. For more satisfaction, the coffee flows directly into the stainless steel thermal carafe keeping your coffee hot for hours due to its double wall vacuum insulation. As an added feature, this Braun coffee maker automatically shuts off after the brewing is finished for your convenience and safety. This feature would best serve to those who tend to forget to shut the down the machine, maybe because they can’t wait to have a sip with their coffee. What do you think?

Cooking dot com features 3 Braun coffee makers that come in black and white colors with distinct features for you to choose from whatever suits your taste. All of the modern designs of Braun coffee makers will definitely fit with today’s contemporary stainless kitchen. The KF 600 is also featured on this website along with four more, which are: AromaDeluxe Coffee Maker in black and white color and AromaDeluxe Timecontrol Coffee Maker also in black and white.

The Braun AromaDeluxe Coffee Maker is the perfect combination of design and ease of function. Its open, soft touch, non-slip handle allows unmatched easy poring. The filter release function is designed to facilitate the filling of ground coffee, a useful feature in everyday life. The fast brewing system allows brewing hot, fully extracted and aromatic coffee. It also comes with Brita water filter to help improve the flavor by reducing chlorine and other impurities to perfect the coffee taste.

AromaDeluxe Timecontrol Coffee Maker has a classy and stylish design offering innovative features and unique appointments like metallic accents. The 10-cup carafe features a matchless, cushioned handles that’s extra wide and slip-free. It has a smooth-touch buttons that let you preset the 24-hour digital clock and timer so your coffee is ready by the time you wake up. Now, isn’t that impressive? I would love to have a coffee maker like that for myself. In addition to the already amazing features, this model of Braun coffee maker has an auto shut off anywhere from 10 minutes to four hours after brewing. Additional features also include Brita water filter dial alerts, which tells you when to change it; easy-to-use automatic filter basket release button, pause and serve feature, reusable gold screen filter, side view water level indicator, and convenient cord storage area.
From the choices you have above, pick the one that gives you the convenience to fully enjoy every cup of coffee you need. Any Braun coffee maker you’ll choose surely gives you the ultimate coffeehouse experience.

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K-cups Are All The Rage With Large Companies And Corporations

K-Cups are individual little plastic containers filled with ground coffee beans just like one might find in a package of ground coffee. The containers are sealed at the top with a piece of foil which helps to preserve the coffee.

A special coffee machine, called a Keurig, is needed to use the K-Cups. These cups are placed in the top of the Keurig machine in a compartment just big enough for the K-Cups to fit. The compartment is closed by a lever on the top and a needle pierces the top and bottom of the K-Cup. Once the brew button is pushed, hot water runs through the top of the K-Cup where the hole was created. The water filters through the ground coffee inside and comes out of the bottom by the second hole that was created. Hot steaming coffee drips into a waiting coffee cup below

K-Cups offer many benefits for businesses and companies. Since the Keurig machine makes single servings of coffee, a lot of money is saved. Money is saved because no coffee is wasted. Many businesses have traditional pots of coffee which brew about 10 or 12 cups at a time. All too often, people will begin to brew a pot of coffee, return to their work area while it is brewing, and then forget about it. When they finally return, the coffee is old and bitter from sitting there. Therefore, they pour out the coffee and start all over. Using K-cups can relieve this problem because people can brew one cup of coffee at a time which is less wasteful.

Another benefit to using K-Cups is the variety of coffee available. Coffee drinkers can be rather selective about their coffee. Some prefer dark bold roasts while others like a flavor, such as vanilla or hazelnut. Since K-Cups make single servings of coffee, all the various preferences of coffee drinkers can be met by purchasing variety packs of K-Cups. These variety packs often include brew strengths, flavors, blends, and caffeinated, decaffeinated, or half caffeinated. Hot drinks such as hot chocolate and tea are also available in K-Cups.

K-Cups are hugely popular at businesses because people love how easy the machine is to use and the fact that it makes a fresh hot cup of coffee every time. is a beverage company servicing residential US customers. is the online coffee shop for K-Cup enthusiasts. Offering one of the largest selections of k-Cup brands and flavors anywhere.Our passion for Keurig is everywhere. Our current project is to have every coffee, tea and cocoa tasted, tested and rated by our experts.

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Solitude with Tassimo Professional

If you are looking for a simple, versatile and hassle free solution to coffee making then Tassimo professional is just the thing for you. It can brew tea, coffee, espresso and even hot chocolate with equal ease. Its ability to brew great quality hot drinks makes it just perfect for any business. It can also make cappuccinos and lattes with milky froth at the touch of a button.

The Tassimo professional has an integrated LCD display to guide you, step by step to make that perfect drink personalized to suit individual taste. Enter your choice of drink and the machine scans the barcode on the T-disc to ensure delivery of the drink at the right temperature, pressure and volume. What more can you want!!!!!

There is a multi billion market for coffee vending machines. There are venders who offer both singles and combination coffee machines to buyers. With the Tassimo machine , a cup of hot delicious aromatic coffee is just a touch away. Take a cup, place it on the pedestal provided and press the button. Your coffee is ready in less than a minute. The Tassimo machines have been fitted with various filters to ensure the use of only the freshest water and ingredients for your coffee.

There is a wide range of Tassimo coffee machines available in the market. You can choose from the singles coffee machine, Tassimo cappuccino, Tassimo professional etc. The machines are reasonably priced and you can get a good vending machine well within your budget.

If the price is too high for you, you can always get it on rent. Shop around the market or surf the internet to know of the various options available. Visiting a few Tassimo machine suppliers will also help you bargain. Many dealers offer catalogues and price quotes on their website. Before going shopping for one, study the various features and choose the one that is best for you.

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K-Cups Offer Great Choices in Decaffeinated Beverages

Many people love the flavor of coffee but don’t want all the caffeine; while others want a big blast to get their day going. Then after three, four, or more cups, of joe they’re movin’ right along and need little more. Some coffee drinkers want an afternoon pick me-up and those iced coffee drinks are so refreshing in the summer; while that evening cup can be so soothing. But you may pay for that indulgence with nighttime jitters or sleepless hours.

If you love a nice, smooth cup of coffee, without any extra kick from caffeine, now there’s plenty of options for you. Green Mountain Roasters working with the Keurig Company developed and patented the K-Cups to be used with the Keurig single cup coffee makers. These little vacuum sealed containers are reminiscent of small individual coffee creamers and each contains an exact portion of coffee, tea or cocoa that’s perfect for one cup. Sealed to preserve freshness, they are unique to the Keurig single cup brewing system. Just fill the water reservoir, pop in a K-Cup, press a button, and you have a fresh, hot cup in less than a minute.

There are over 200 different coffees, teas, and cocoa in K-Cups and the fans of decaffeinated beverages have not been forgotten. There’s a large selection in a variety of flavors and blends packaged in K-cups. Top notch roasters like GreenMountain Coffee, Timothy’s and Tullys, as well as Diedrich Coffee and Gloria Jean have appeared in K-cups. There are Fair Trade coffees as well as Organic roasts from companies that work with farmers in small cooperatives and encourage sustainable farming methods. The decaffeinated blends in K-cups will provide that delicious coffee flavor – but without the caffeine jolt.

Newman’s Own Special Blend Bold Decaf is still bold but refined and very smooth, minus the caffeine. GreenMountain Roasters’, Half-Caff, is designed for the person who wants a little late afternoon pick-me-up but needs to avoid a sleepless night. This is a smooth blend of natural process, decaffeinated, South American beans combined with the zip of ‘regular’ Central American coffee. It has about 50% of the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee and 100% of the great flavor.

The Coffee People took their darkest roast and decaffeinated it for an exciting, full-bodied French Roast. The opposite end of the scale is the decaffeinated Colombian K-Cup from Timothy’s, which is smooth and mellow. Emeril’s new blend, Jazzed Up, is a dark full -bodied coffee without all that caffeine so you can enjoy it WITHOUT feeling ‘jazzed up’! Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold is so full of flavor that it’s hard to believe it is decaffeinated. Then, there are blends from Caribou Coffee and Tully’s, as well as your favorite flavored coffees. Timothy’s Hazelnut Noisette is smooth and dreamy but without all that caffeine and Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee is wonderful at bedtime – and you know it won’t keep you awake.

Then, there are the teas, full-flavored and comforting, great afternoon soothers or warming bedtime companions. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea has long been a tension tamer, full of comforting flavors and great to curl up with. There’s a sprightly Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice and Lemon Zinger, tart and tangy. Twinings presents Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea, robust and full of flavor but without the caffeine. A delightful tea is Bigelow’s Orange and Spice while the Mint Medley is soothing, as always. The Keurig single cup brewing system is ideal at any time of the day or night – and can brew a comforting, delicious drink – with or without caffeine.

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New Ways to Make Coffee

If you are anything like most people, then you likely love coffee. Coffee lovers can’t go more than a day, sometimes even a few hours, without wanting a cup and badly. Making your favorite in a coffee maker may get the job done, but there are definitely other ways to go about getting your favorite cup.

The Siphon/Vacuum brewer

One of the more interesting methods that you can try is the siphon/vacuum brewer, which is also referred to as the vacuum coffee maker. This novel way of making coffee isn’t new in and of itself. The process was developed in the 1830s. Part of the fun and charm of a siphon/vacuum is that the process is very novel. Water vapor pressure forces water into a chamber containing the ground beans. The result is a mechanism and process that may look a little bit like a turn of the century science project, but the vacuum coffee maker definitely produces great coffee and makes for a wonderful conversation piece.


A Chemex coffee maker is another novel way to make coffee. The Chemex design is based around the concept of the hourglass and may resemble a work of art more than a means for making coffee. As it is made of glass and often a wood collar, the Chemex has no working parts. This fact adds to its overall uniqueness.

The key part of the Chemex method is that it uses a very robust, chemistry grade filtering system that filters out a higher level of impurities than other filtering systems. Many believe that the end result is coffee that tastes much purer and better.

The method for making coffee with a Chemex coffee maker is actually fairly simple. One simply places the heavy-duty filter over the top of the Chemex in a cone shape. The next step is to pour your desired amount of coffee into the filter and then simply pour your hot water in afterwards. It might sound too simple to work. However, not only does it work, it works extremely well.

Part of the joy of owning a Chemex coffee maker is the novelty and “wow factor” that you can produce in those who are unfamiliar with its design. The Chemex’s design has long been recognized as being something of a work of art. Because of its looks as well as its unique functionality, there is no doubt that the Chemex is a rather unique and way to make coffee.

The Toddy

The Toddy is often employed in making iced coffee. The way that a Toddy coffee maker works is rather unique in that one literally soaks the coffee for several hours in the Toddy system. One of the byproducts is that the coffee will keep for several days, for this reason, the Toddy coffee maker is often a favorite of coffee shops and other establishments that serve iced coffee beverages. If you really enjoy iced coffee, this might be yet another method to try.

Try a Vacuum Coffee Maker or take a look at the famous Chemex Coffee Maker

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The Very Best of Antique Coffee Grinder

The enticing aroma and awesome flavor of freshly ground coffee beans constitute the most fascinating elements of an espresso or brewed coffee. The antique coffee grinder is one style of a grinder capable of producing the natural aroma and coarseness of coffee grounds. This grinder when operated for a longer time ensures no overheating to retain the proper texture. The antique grinder is also very attractive and makes a kitchen look more classy and elegant.

Antique Coffee Grinders Style and Collectibles:

Antique coffee grinders come in different styles. There are antique coffee grinders that can be placed on the countertop of a kitchen. Other models are wall mounted. Some are made of metal design and unpainted wood material with natural shine. Such antique coffee grinders have intricate patterns painted on them. Their handles are of cast iron that makes it more beautiful.

There are also various collectible coffee grinders. One known traditional coffee mill manufactured around 1905 in Connecticut is the Parker Nation Coffee mill. It features a bronze finish top and a very attractive shape. Other most desired antique coffee grinders were created during the popular Art Deco Movement in the 1920s. The grinders have sleek designs. Such clean and intricate lines add to the general appeal.

Some of antique coffee grinders or Mills:

Arcade Crystal Aromatic Coffee Grinder or Mill with Original Catch Cup- No. 9010
The Arcade Crystal Aromatic Coffee Grinder is the last crystal series made in the 1920’s. The mill comes in its original black paint along with an all original finish. It has a pleasant lustrous design and has an art deco look in vertical lines that run throughout the mill.

The original catch cup of the mill is described as flawless. The lid is in very good shape. This very good condition wall mounted mill from Arcade can be purchased with a price of about $ 425.00.

Parker No. 449 Coffee Grinder or Mill
Charles Parker Companies manufactured Parker No. 449 Coffee Grinder in 1917. This antique coffee grinder has a hopper that consists of embossed markings to commemorate the date it was manufactured. There is also an inscription in the handle for the same purpose.

The Parker mill comes in original black Japanned finish and in tin lid. The mill has also an interior that is in good shape. This antique coffee mil includes an older replacement catch glass.

Steinfeld Coffee Grinder or Mill
The Steinfeld Coffee Mill was originally manufactured by T. Page and Son in 1907 for Steinfeld Brothers Company based in New York. The Steinfeld Brothers sold the mills and known as the earlier of two wall mount mills.

And this mill features unique assembly technique. Such technique involves the use of a wing which is not the upper part and one screw located on the lower section of the cast iron and this will act to hold it together.

The Steinfeld Coffee Mill is in very good original paint. It does not have any markings anywhere on the mill. There is also age catch cup that is well fitted in the cup holder.

Landers Frary & Clark No. 24 Coffee Grinder or Mill
This coffee mill made by Landers Frary & Clark in New Britain CT is believed to be one of the best wall mills. The Famous Edward MacMillan himself recognized this mill in his book “The MacMillan Index of Antique Coffee Mills.”

The mill features a rare original glass hopper. Such hopper is embossed with letters which are “Universal LF&C.” And the embossed letters retained their original gold highlights that are specifically around the main body.

The coffee mill features a fast release mechanism. This involves loosening of a bolt that will eventually remove the entire grinder from the wall for filling. And the mill comes in about 90 percent of its original finish and ready for use.

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