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Coffee Grinders by Starbucks Recalled!

If you too are a user of a coffee grinder to give you a fresh brew every morning, then I am sure that you are wondering why these grinders have been recalled, and what sort of issues they were causing to their owners? Starbucks actually had to recall 530,000 of their grinders because they were turning on by themselves as if possessed. Every home grinder is designed to be completely safe so that you can easily use it for your personal brewing pleasure to give a fresh taste by grinding your own beans.

The unfortunate incidents that happened with the Starbucks grinders are the fact that three people had lacerations on their hands while they were cleaning their grinders as they turned on unexpectedly! To me, this sounds like my worst fear realized because I would hate to have my hand injured by my very own home grinder.

In addition to those three injuries, Starbucks also had 173 other reports filed with the issues of the grinder not turning off or turning on by itself. Users of this type of grinder can turn it in to Starbucks and get a free replacement, though I am sure that they may have been a little scarred, so to speak.

These same grinders were sold in Seattle’s Best Coffee shops for over seven years, and they retail at about $ 30. You could actually get the “Barista Blade Grinder” in a huge rainbow of colors, like pink, teal, orange, green, red, black, brown, and olive. The finish itself is stainless steel, and it has the logo of either Seattle’s Best or Starbucks. This is not the normal activity of a home coffee grinder, so make sure that you are practicing the utmost safety with any of your devices by unplugging them completely before cleaning them or reaching your hand into the area with the blades. Obviously, we never want to encounter any kind of issues where you may be injured by your home appliances, so these reports were completely shocking.

Coffee grinders are normally used by expert fans of Java to grind all of their beans freshly at home to give them a more premium flavor profile. If you happen to be purchasing your beans pre-ground in the store, then know that they have already gone stale because the freshness of a ground bean is only good for about two hours.

That is why it is completely important to purchase a quality home grinder so that you can grind your beans directly before brewing. Don’t let these type of reports scare you off when you are looking for a home grinder for your beans because there are so many safe options available to you to add freshness to your cup of Joe. Some of the available types to look for are the conical burr grinder, the wheel burr grinder, and the blade grinder. Regardless of your choice in coffee grinder, be sure to practice safety so that you can always enjoy a fresh brew that will not let you down!

The best way to enjoy your freshly ground coffee is with the Bodum Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press! For a great selection of all things coffee, check out Chuggin McCoffee’s website, The Coffee Bump.

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig K-Cups PICK ANY FLAVOR & QUANTITY

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Drip Coffee Makers Unmasked

Drip coffee makers are among the most commonly used coffee makers in the United States. They’re straightforward to work with and cheap to have and operate. Obtainable in all kinds of styles, colors and sizes, there’s a drip coffee maker to suit any home. One study reports that automatic drip coffee makers are the most purchased small kitchen appliance. Roughly 14 million automatic drip coffee makers are sold every year.

Mr. Coffee is one of the top recognized automatic drip coffee makers. Other well-known coffee maker companies include Black and Decker, Braun, Cuisinart, and Proctor-Silex.

Automatic drip coffee makers are used in lots of homes and businesses. They perform by dripping water all the way through a filter containing ground coffee. Two kinds of filters can be found for these machines: paper and permanent.

Paper filters may have an effect on coffee taste as might some plastic permanent filters. Plastic filters don’t last as long as metal filters. Metallic filters may require that coffee beans be ground somewhat coarser than is needed for paper filters.

Automatic drip coffee makers offer many different exclusive features. From basic machines to high end models that do everything from grinding the beans to brewing it at a pre-set time. Fundamental automatic drip coffee makers include a water basin, a filter basket, and warming plate to keep the carafe warm. Most feature filter baskets that swing out or lift out and straightforward on/off control.

Additional features consist of indicator lights, a brew-pause choice, digital display and /or digital control panel, clocks, timers, permanent filters and automatic shut off. High end features include water filtration, flavor settings, and a built in grinder. Solitary cup machines can be found, as are machines making anywhere from 4 cups to 12 cups.

Drip Coffee Maker Commonly Asked Questions

What exactly is the best temperature for brewing coffee?

Most experts agree that 200 degrees is the most effective temperature for brewing coffee. Many restaurants do not allow the temperature to get that high due to legal responsibility issues should a customer spill coffee and get burned.

What influences the quality of a cup of coffee?

Quite a lot of things can affect the quality of brewed coffee. The purity of the brewing equipment, the standard of the coffee beans, how long it has been since the beans were roasted, how long it has been since the beans were ground and the quality of the water used in brewing.

How can I clean my coffee maker?

Coffee makers should be cleaned no less than one time a week. Some experts advise using dish detergent and water. Other experts suggest running one fourth part vinegar and three fourths part water through the brewing cycle a time or two followed by running plain water through the cycle. This removes hard water deposits and other buildup.

Might Espresso beans be used in drip coffee makers? No problem.

Where does the term ‘cup of joe’ originate?

Some say that Admiral Josephus (Joe) Daniels one time outlawed alcohol on ships, making coffee the most taken beverage, thus the ‘cup of joe.’ Other people say that the term comes from ‘Joe’ as 19th century, slang for coffee. Automatic drip coffee makers permit coffee lovers to indulge their senses at any time they please.

Even though all drip coffee makers brew coffee in the identical manner, not all drip coffee brewers are created equal! With so many different designs and models to choose from it is very important for you to perform some research before buying your next coffee maker to guarantee that you get the best tasting cup of coffee possible!

Dazed and confused about what brand or type of coffee maker to buy? Before you buy some junk, visit the new best coffee makers available website to see top 3 coffee maker ratings for drip coffee makers, pod coffee makers and espresso coffee makers based on independent testing results and consumer feedback surveys.

Your Soulmate Coffee Maker

What is the ideal drink of coffee without the right coffee maker? When you take the effort to pick out the finest quality of coffee beans, discover your favorite roast, and find the perfect blends, you should find a coffee maker which will pull out the flavors which you picked them for. The right coffee maker is different for every coffee drinker, lover, and connoisseur. Some are made for convenience and commercial use, and others for making flavorful and aromatic coffee. Here are some tips to help find the coffee maker that is best for you.

An easy way to get started in choosing the right coffee maker is to decide how much coffee you want to brew. If you are catering to a large group, look for a drip coffee maker which brews six to ten cups of coffee at a time. Such coffee makers, however, produce weak and under-extracted coffee when brewing small amounts because they cannot reach a high enough temperature to fully extract all flavors in the time it takes to make one or two cups. A French press is ideal for making a couple cups of coffee at a time. It is also the choice maker for fussy coffee-drinkers, because the user is in control while brewing, and generally produces full-flavored and aromatic coffee every well-timed brew.

There are two major categories of coffee makers-espresso machines and non-espresso makers. Each has their advantages which might appeal to different customers. Espresso machines are generally more expensive than non-espresso makers, and are more time-consuming and messy. However, they are better for making various complicated styles of coffee, such as cappuccino, macchiato, and latte. For coffee drinkers who are satisfied with regular, weaker coffee, a non-espresso coffee maker is ideal. These coffee makers are better suited for making large pots of coffee for a greater amount of people, and require less attention by the person in control. For the coffee drinker who enjoys both espresso and non-espresso coffee, there are machines which combine a drip and espresso maker.

There are several features to look for which will make the brewing process easier or improve the quality of the coffee. If you do not mind exposing your coffee to air for long periods of time, consider purchasing a programmable coffee maker. These can be set to brew coffee at the certain time during the day when you enjoy or need it most. If you enjoy fresh ground coffee, you may want to look for a built-in coffee grinder. However, these may be more time-consuming to clean, and produce an uneven consistency. To avoid this, search for built-in burr or cone grinders as opposed to more primitive blade grinders. Coffee generally tastes better when made with filtered or distilled water rather than unpleasant tap water, so you may want to purchase a coffee maker with an included water filter. The forgetful coffee-drinker should look for an automatic shut-off button on their coffee maker, to avoid leaving the device on for long periods of time.

No two coffee makers are the same. With careful consideration of the features and qualities you want, you can find the maker that is suited for you.

Anitha Ahmed, media and marketing director of http://www.Coffeeta.com Visit this site to view a huge variety of coffee makers to find the one that fits your needs. Also find a vast assortment of coffee, coffee mugs, and coffee accessories. It’s the one-stop online shop for coffee lovers!

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Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Automatic Drip Coffee Pot Maker Brewer

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BUNN BTX-B BTXB 10 Cup Velocity Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Black Brewer

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Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer
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Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Secrets

What’s the best way to get the best shot from your espresso machine? Get yourself a conical burr coffee grinder. Well, you may be thinking “what’s the difference between a conical burr grinder and a regular coffee grinder?”. Plenty. It could mean the difference between a disgusting, bitter cup of espresso and a sip of heavenly nectar.

A regular coffee grinder is fine if you are using it to grind coffee for your regular drip style coffee maker, but that’s about as far as it goes. If you want espresso or Turkish coffee, a regular grinder can’t grind finely or evenly enough to get the results you need.

A regular grinder uses steel blades, which produce heat and inconsistent grounds. The burr coffee grinder uses two circular shaped steel wheels, in the shape of the letter “O” to grind the coffee beans. It grinds much slower, thus eliminating the heat and inconsistent grind of the blade style grinders. Also, it’s much quieter, which is a big plus.

Well, that’s out of the way. You need a conical burr coffee grinder! Next question – which one? As with any other appliance, the first place to start is with your own personal needs.

How much do you want to invest? What quantity do you need to process at one time? How many different settings do you require? Most units start with a choice of 16 settings,some have as many as 40. The different settings produce grinds appropriate for espresso, Turkish coffee, french press, drip or percolate. Hopper sizes vary, average being 8 ounces. Yield of ground coffee can be from 4 ounces to 15 to 30 and so on. Some use timers only and some have on and off switches.

The higher end units, like Gaggia and Pasquini, have a “doser” built in that lets you consistently measure the correct amount for just the right shot of espresso coffee.

Now that you know the conical burr coffee grinder secrets, you will be able to select the unit that’s right for you.  Some of the top brands are Gaggia, Pasquini, Jura Capresso, Baratea, Cuisinart, Breville, KitchenAid and Krups. Now, go find your perfect match. 

Stop by and check out our great selection of conical burr coffee grinders at The Espresso Machine Coffee Grinders. If you haven’t picked out your Espresso Machine yet go to The Espresso Machine

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