Coffee Pods, T-Disks and K-Cups

Before brewing coffee with coffee pods, before even purchasing or pricing the coffee pods you’re planning to brew with, you’ll want to pick up a coffee pod brewer. Not all of them are exactly the same, so you will need to do some research to match everything up. Various difference sizes of pods are available, and some pods will not fit some brewers. The safest way to find the right pod for the right brewer, or right brewer for the pods, would be to check the grams per pod against the brewer’s capacity.

Though there are many coffee pod brewers that can hold up to twelve gram pods, there are some that can only hold between four and nine grams. Some coffee pod brewers require the larger coffee pods to be pre-infused, which is actually nothing more than wetting the pod before placing it in the brewer, which creates a better seal on the outer filter material.

You’re not going to be able to tell if a pod will fit a machine just by looking, either. All of the pods currently on the market are between 55mm and 61mm, making it virtually impossible to tell the difference with only the human eye.

Very different than coffee pods, T-Discs and K-Cups are also floating around on the market. These are not an “open format” like the coffee pods; not just anyone can make them. Producers need permission and a license, which means selection of T-Discs and K-Cups is very limited in comparison to coffee pods. Strangely, T-Discs are also not Kosher.

The only device that you can use a T-Disc in is the Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine. The Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine can only use T-Discs. Although this limits your options, there are some advantages to T-Discs over other types of coffee brewing methods.

A T-Disc for cappuccino, for example, will actually be a package with separate groups of discs; some will contain milk, and some will contain coffee grounds. Although not quite as quick or convenient as coffee pods, this method does avail the Tassimo system the flexibility to offer latte, cappuccino, and even hot chocolate, complete with frothy toppings, in addition to your standard cup of coffee.

Since you’ll be investing in the future of your coffee buying, you’ll want to put quite a bit of research into your choice of a single cup coffee brewer. It’s not like you can change your mind later, after all…at least not without buying a new coffee brewer.

Anthony Davis – Owner of the best resource for finding great coffee pods.

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Paper Cups and Cup Dispensers

Paper cups and cup dispensers are very useful beverage serving options for restaurants, cafeterias and food service stations. Paper cups are safe and easy to handle and elegant choices to serve both hot and cold beverages. Cup dispensers are a necessary accessory in heavy traffic places as they can be either mounted on counters or walls for neat storage and dispensing of cups.

Safe and Comfortable Serving Option

Paper cups can be used to serve a variety of hot or cold drinks including tea, coffee, fruit juice and more. Apart from restaurants, they are used in coffee-parlors, juice-parlors, business offices, residences and many other settings. They are convenient for use in outdoor parties and picnics as well.

Paper cups come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, both plain and printed, from reputable manufacturers such as Georgia Pacific Dixie, Solo and others. As they are light-weight, they can be easily carried around. They are designed to enable users hold the cup comfortably and enjoy the drink.

One of the biggest advantages of using these cups is that they are disposable and minimize the risks of catching infection. Further, the tedious tasks of rinsing can be avoided and this is a great benefit for foodservice stations looking to save time and money.

Cup Dispensers for Convenient Storage

Handy models of cup dispensers help store paper cups without damage and denting. These devices are indispensable in busy restaurants and other food service stations. They come in different capacities, with the ones designed for restaurant use much larger in size compared to those intended for home use.

Shop Online for Attractive Discounts

Restaurants and food stations require paper cups and cup dispensers in bulk quantity. Purchase from reliable distributors would ensure good quality products at attractive prices. Most dealers maintain online stores which feature the various products in their inventory, including features and prices.

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The World of Coffee Makers

A coffee maker is one of the coffee aficionados’ necessities.  Yes, many of those who are dependent on caffeine are always looking for a coffee maker that will suit their specific needs.  Fortunately, a number of options are available on the market for them to choose from.  Each option possesses features and capabilities that are to some degree unique from the others.

Now if you are one of those who love coffee and are currently wondering what type of coffee maker to obtain, I have a list below of the different types of coffee makers.  Just find your best option and make your decision based on what you’ve learned about them.  Consider the following:

Percolator:  As you may know, percolators are one of the most popular and widely marketed types of coffee maker.  This tool is basically designed to create a good cup of coffee by filtering the boiling water through the coffee grounds repeatedly.  The percolator is actually the old favorite and many of those who live in earlier eras have used this to brew mild coffees.  The downside of using this coffee maker is that because of the repeated boiling, it tends to provide bitterness in the coffee.  The longer it boils the water through the coffee ground, the higher the degree of bitterness released, then overpowering the distinct taste and flavor of your blends.

French Press:  The French Press is also known as the Plunger Pots and is often used for brewing the hottest coffee.  Well, this type of coffee maker is so versatile and that it is often used at professional coffee tastings for the reason that French Press provides the best taste and aroma possible.  Unlike the other methods of brewing coffee, this coffee maker allows a full contact between the boiling water and the coffee.  This full contact is what actually creates an extract of richer flavors.  Aside from that, controlling the proper temperature of the water for brewing coffee is as easy as pie with the French Press.  You are actually in full control in brining the water to its proper temperature for a full extraction and a good hot cup.

Automatic Drip:  This type of coffee maker is designed specifically to lessen the hassles of brewing a good cup of coffee.  All you need to do with this method is to pour cold water into a reservoir and the machine will automatically heat the water to the proper temperature.  Also, it automatically pulses the water through the ground coffee.  What’s best is that many of the automatic drips have controls that slow the pulsing of the water.  With a touch of it, a rich brew can be made.

Manual Drip:  Obviously, the manual drip is the counterpart of the automatic drip.  Well, this coffee maker comes in a number of types, and two of the most popular are the Chemex and the Melitta.  Several reviews have noted that both of these manual drips use a paper filter cone that is actually similar to that of the automatic drips.  They brew coffee by heating the water separately from the ground coffee.  The water is poured to the grounds little by little, allowing the coffee to release its flavors.  Once the flavors are released, a balance amount of water is poured over the grounds to drip through.  That’s basically how this type of coffee maker works.

There are lot more types of coffee makers available on the market nowadays.  The best way to find the right product is to note what you really want and need.  Look for the features and the design.  Most of all, consider the proper brewing temperature, which is unfortunately achieved only by a few brands of coffee makers.  So be careful when choosing the right option.

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Senseo Coffee Maker – Single Serve Brewer For Fantastic Taste

Doesn’t the aroma from a perfect coffee blend do something special to how you feel? I know it puts me in a relaxed mood. Enjoying and sipping it on a stormy weather would be one of the things that takes away stress as you enjoy earth’s melody serenading through the rain. But what happens if you have to resort to the coffee that was left over from earlier in the day? A bitter, less than desirable taste replaces the expected awesomeness of the brewed beverage.

Fortunately, Phillips has come up with the perfect single serve coffee brewer to solve the problem for all of us coffee lovers who know what a good cup of coffee tastes like. They have come up with a system similar to the way expresso is made. It is a process that forces water through a brew container and achieves great taste every time.

Senseo’s Coffee Maker Superiority

The Phillips company has been a leader in providing appliances that make household tasks easier to handle, and the Senseo single serve coffee maker is a winner in the household appliance category. It is a simple coffee maker to operate. The process of making a cup of coffee couldn’t be easier. Just make sure there is water in the reservoir, slip a Senseo coffee pod into place and push the button. In the matter of a minute or so, you will be rewarded with another excellent cup of Joe. You can try putting your milk (or half and half) and sugar into the mug before pressing the brew button so that the froth from the machine helps to mix and distribute the condiments as the coffee enters the mug.

The Senseo coffee maker is paired with a specially packed single serve Senseo coffee pod that is already calculated to mix with the coffee makers water volume output for a perfect aromatic coffee blend. This leaves out the mess caused by grinding, tampering or even spilling coffee powder all over. The Senseo coffee maker’s removable parts are all dishwasher safe so cleaning the machine won’t be much of a hassle.

Cost Advantages of Senseo’s Coffee Maker System

The Senseo coffee maker does cost more than most traditional home brewers and drip coffee makers, but it does not cost as much as many other single serve coffee makers. But with this cost, it makes way better coffee than ordinary coffee makers.

It has long been a standing complaint for coffee maker owners that getting the ratio for grounded beans to water volume is difficult to master which could lead into filling the pot and the coffee bean container to its full capacity. Filling the carafe full with coffee with only one or two people drinking would mean lots of coffee and money down the drain at the end of the day.

With the single serving Senseo coffee pods, you can get freshly brewed coffee anytime of the day within a couple of minutes.

Wayne Rasku is an author and a coffee drinker.

The Senseo coffee maker is paired with a specially packed single serve Senseo coffee pod that is already calculated to mix with the coffee makers water volume output for a perfect aromatic coffee blend.

Visit for more about single serve coffee makers.

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Drip Coffee Makers – What You Need to Know to Brew Coffee Right

If you love coffee and want to drink it at home regularly, you simply have to investigate drip coffee makers. Drip coffee makers provide a simple yet effective way to create a delicious pot of coffee in the comfort of your home. But what should you consider when evaluating different types of drip coffee makers?

These drip coffee makers operate by slowly dripping hot water through ground coffee collected in a filter. There the hot water collects and brews, with only the hot flavored liquid dripping through the filter into a cup or pot or carafe.

There are different kinds of filters, but the filters don’t change the process. They do, however, change the flavor. For example, a gold mesh filter allows some of the oils and sediment to flow through into the pot, providing a more bold flavored coffee. A paper filter arguably makes a more crisp cup of coffee, but it is up to debate whether it is healthful or not.

Some argue the oils removed by paper filters make the coffee healthier because those oils contain unnecessary fats. Others claim the amount of fat is minuscule and that some of these oils are actually high in antioxidants. My opinion is that it doesn’t make much of a difference and that is more a matter of personal taste.

The other variant you control with a drip coffee maker is the speed of the brew. How fast does it brew? Again, there are two fields of thought on this matter. Some believe a fast brew with some pressure to the water (to help force it through the grounds and through the filter) keeps the flavor more fresh.

Others believe a coffee machine which allows the water collect and sit in the filter among the grounds enables the water to collect more flavor from the grounds before seeping into the pot. I personally believe the slower brew provides a more rich and full-bodied flavor.

I hope this provides you with some useful information to consider when contemplating the right drip coffee makers for your particular circumstance.

To read reviews of all the best coffee machines and find the best possible deals online, check out my new coffee machine guide: Drip Coffee Makers Guide

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Unique Serving Coffee Maker

Unique Cup coffee maker is a coffee Maker that serves one coffee drink at a time. Unique Cup coffee Maker is appropriate for home use. It permits you to produce one cup of coffee by pressing a single button on the machine.

there are many types of single serve coffee makers including coffee pods brewers, K cup coffee, and Tassimo T discs, Nespresso coffee capsules. Coffee pod brewers make coffee from coffee pods. The coffee pods are comprised of a round tea bag with ground coffee. The bag is used as a filter for the coffee ground.

Each coffee pod is acceptable for making one cup of coffee. The coffee pods costs circa $ 69 – $ 100. It is recommended that you buy a cheaper machine as a noob. Once you’ve master the ability of using the coffee pod, you can purchase a dear coffee pod machine. The single serve coffee pods stop you from having to spoon out the ground coffee and make a mess on the kitchen counter. To make coffee, you simply fits in the coffee capsule into the correct compartment. The coffee pods are made for a particular machine model.

The price of a 4 5 oz coffee pod is $ 0.20. The 8 oz coffee pods cost $ 0.40.
K cup coffee maker is a single serve coffee maker that is utilised to make K cup coffee. The K cup is inserted into a compartment. When the machine is switched on, it will mechanically drill a hole in the K cup. The hot water will flush through K cup and drip into the mug on the tray below. Examples of K cup coffee maker include B30 Mini, Keurig K Cup coffee brewer and for example.

The Tassimo Single Cup coffee maker is made by Bosch. It is available in 2 models including Bosch Tassimo Suprema T45 and Bosch Tassimo T65. It contains a milk T disc which you can use to make hot milk. The Tassimo coffee brewer allows you to make a big types of coffees.

Normally, the free shipping is only offered to the local resident. For example, Amazon US site will be offering free shipping to delivery within the US

Coffee cappuccino maker is one of the best machines for making coffee. For more information on these machine, you can visit capresso coffee.

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